Sound and Voice are Back

Sound and voice are making a quiet come-back. The progress will be interesting to watch as the momentum increases.emailtovoice_final_gry

TechCrunch published an article on The Internet Of Sound saying that communicating with sound is deeply rooted in our history. Now, sound is being researched as the new ubiquitous network.

The Internet Of Sound Is Here

This is what is called the Internet of Sound, the speakernet. Using sound to send links to remote networks is one thing, but local lookup tables on-device obviate the need for another network: the sound is the network. Today’s technology is sufficient at present only to send tiny amounts of data through or above audible ranges, but good enough to encode every URL ever created as audio lasting a few seconds or less. 

We are also seeing a growth in the use of voice, as demonstrated by the Email to Voice capability to integrate with business applications. Any business application or CRM that can send an email can also use the vast voice network to transmit a message or alert.

One thought on “Sound and Voice are Back

  1. Thank you for the like on my piece about “sound” and “music” in my life. The Grundig picture was great. Thanks. Interesting that I am replying to this posting about sound. Best wishes.

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