Google Reacts to Importance of Mobile Searches

Google serves results of your searches using two main components. One is the Index and the other is an algorithm to search that index. There is talk of a major change to one of those two main components – the Index.

Woman shopping by mobile phone
Shopping cart on the screen.

Today, there is only one Index for all devices. In the near future, there is an expectation that Google will have two. One index will be for the PC device and a separate one for Mobile devices. The most interesting part is that the Mobile Index will be the Primary. There is no clear statement from Google, as of yet,  as to the impact of this change. But if true, it clearly states the importance Google places on searches from Mobile devices.

As Karissa Bell from Mashable states in Desktop and mobile users will see different search results

Think of your own search habits: When you use Google from your phone, chances are, you’re looking for an immediate answer to a question you have in the moment. Likewise, if you want to research a topic more deeply — something that requires combing through several pages of results — you probably save that for desktop. So, it follows that Google would want to make its “freshest” results mobile-first.

We can predict the impact that Mobile devices will have on the up-coming Holiday shopping season by considering a typical store visit these days. We go into a brick and mortar store to see and feel the product we want to buy. When we make the product selection, we get on our phone to see if we can buy it for less online. If so, we use our phone to order the product online; or we may wait to get home to do the purchase on our tablet or PC. In any case, the search on the Mobile device is extremely valuable. The Mobile search result must be focused and concise. Google evidently recognizes this buying behavior and wants to provide the best results for the user and its business customer.

Google has continued to enhance its algorithms. As we posted in Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird – Google Search Terms;

The important point is that Google Search has become more personal; more responsive to what the person wants to find, rather than what the person thinks he or she wants to find.

So, if in the old days we knew the tricks to get good search ranking for our website or blog, what do we need to do today to get good search ranking? I would say to concentrate on being genuine, original and interactive with other sources of a like mind and across several social channels . Then we have the best chance to be judged by Google as being the trusted and relevant source.

If the changes in the online marketing world are not in your wheelhouse, there is no need to try to do it yourself. Contact a Social Media Marketing professional that has the tools and expertise for guidance in your business. One thing is for sure; changes will continue. Google will continue to react to changing human behaviors.

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