How to Communicate Using the Communication Method the Recipient Requires

When a business needs to communicate with their owner-operators, contractors or customers, they need to use the communication method that best matches the needs of the recipients.

The business needs to be able to let their contractors and customers dynamically subscribe to services and opportunities. The subscriber should then be able to specify how they want to be reached, for instance by a phone call, an SMS, or an Email.

Additionally, the business needs a cloud based dashboard to manage the communications.

Proscribe.Net for Business for Business includes the capabilities business needs in an easy to use online dashboard to handle: subscription management, event management, contact management and survey management services. There is no requirement to download and install any software. Proscribe is a cloud-based service accessible from any browser.

The contractor can tailor the communications method to match exactly what they want. They can, at any time, opt in to services that interest them; and opt out when necessary. This makes managing owner operators and contractors much more efficient for the business.

Subscription Management System

The subscription management system of allows your contractor to manage all aspects of the information and communication from you to them.

Contractor can choose just the information they want

Many businesses now provide a range of services. Getting contractors important information and alerts without burdening them is a major challenge.

With Proscribe’s subscription management system, you can present a comprehensive list of all information and services you provide and allow the contractor to choose just what information they want to know. The contractor can opt-in as well as opt-out of whichever service interests them at the time.

Select communication methods

Not only can they choose from your selection of services and opportunities, they can also select the method of contact to be standard email, or SMS, or Text-to-Speech voice messages to their phone. Proscribe’s messaging system allows you to post a message and the contractor gets the information through their preferred communication method.

Intelligent Messaging System

Our intelligent messaging system is the core of our product suite.

Our messaging system provides a single integrated system to communicate with subscribers based on their topic choices, event registrations or for critical communication to all subscribers. The messaging system also lets you communicate with any subscribed member with reminders or changes to events or opportunities.

Contact us to learn more about We can provide a 28 day free trial for you to use in real life scenarios.

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