Cloud Based Messaging Services

Email to VoiceOLinks Corporation provides cloud and consulting services for businesses. OLinks’ cloud service is Email to Voice. In addition, OLinks provides consulting services for Social Media Marketing as described below and Communication Enabled Business Processing (CEBP).

Social Media for BusinessOLinks Corporation

  • Social Media for Business
  • Customer Engagement
  • Online Marketing
  • Business Intelligence on visitors to the Client’s Web Site

We take a business approach to Social Media and Search Engine Marketing. The ultimate objectives are business growth, customer service, and resilience.

We believe that our client needs to be reached through any online network that their prospect, customer, or partner prefers.

We guide our clients to project a consistent marketing message across assets that they own (ie. their Web Site), they pay for (Online advertising), and they earn (ie. their Blog and company social channels)

We implement Social First/Social Last programs that encompasses;

  1. Setup
  2. Post
  3. Promote
  4. Engage
  5. Measure

The message that we generate will drive users to our Client’s landing page for optimum business results.

Web Site Visitors

We can provide business intelligence on the companies that visited our client’s web site. This provides information for the client to determine if this is a lead that should be followed up. Ask about our Business Intelligence program.

Month-to-Month Pricing

We provide monthly pricing alternatives.

We develop customized programs and pricing, making our Online Advertising Campaigns and Social Media Program affordable for every budget. Contact us for further information on a customized solution to meet your specific needs.

Getting Started

We meet, in person or online, to discuss your present approach to marketing and any online programs that are currently in process. We will provide a free assessment of your existing online advertising campaigns and/or Social Media efforts.

Then we provide a proposal for a 3 month engagement. At the end of the engagement, you can continue to use us for your Online Marketing requirements. Or, you can continue to use our program on your own, as we will ensure you are trained for participation in the program.

To learn more about how we can help your business grow, contact us and we will get right back with you. Or just go ahead and call us at 214-988-1783. We look forward to hearing from you!