OLinks Corporation

OLinks Corporation

Customer Engagement through Cloud Communications, Social Media, and Emergency Alerts


Cloud Communications for IoT Devices and Business Applications

OLinks premier cloud messaging service is Email to Voice. With Email to Voice, your IoT devices and business applications can send a phone call (Text to Speech) or Text message (SMS) to any one person or group of people through an programmable email interface. No more need for complicated Application Program interface (API) programming or complex gateways.

Use Email to Voice to easily and quickly communication-enable IoT and business processes throughout your enterprise.

Social Media for Business

OLinks also provides customer engagement consulting services. Your customers, partners and pundits expect to find you in the Social Media channels providing a valuable contribution to the same topics that they share an interest. You do not need to spend the time or have the technical expertise to make this happen. We will have your business present and engaged with your customers.

Contact us to discuss how we can have you active in all the popular social media channels without you having to spend your valuable time. We will perform all activities, including the Blog Posts, while you run your business. Then we train you and your people to ensure that you can jump in any time.