OLinks Corporation

Cloud Based Messaging Services

OLinks Corporation provides cloud-based messaging services for businesses. OLinks’ cloud services are

  • Email to Voice
    • Send an alert phone call or enterprise SMS text message by sending an email from your monitoring system or any business application. No software to install or APIs to program. Just use an Email interface.  (EmailToVoice.Net is a proud partner of LinkInSMS)

  • Proscribe
    • A single system to manage ALL types of business communications. An easy to use dashboard and dynamic user registrations. Communicate with employees, 3rd party providers or customers using the most effective communications method for them. Let them choose.Proscribe

Enterprise Consulting Solution

Any IoT device or enterprise business application can be communication-enabled to programmatically send

  • 1-way or 2-way Voice messages (TTS or pre-recorded Voice)
  • 1-way or 2-way text messaging SMS
  • Enterprise SMS (16MB HTML formatted messages via SMS – 1-way or 2-way)
  • FAX

We will assist in the design, development and implementation of advanced enterprise communication solutions on a consulting contract basis.

To discuss an enterprise communications implementation, contact us. We will provide consulting services for communication enabling your IoT network or enterprise business applications with our easy to implement cloud-based solution.

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