OLinks Corporation

OLinks Corporation

Cloud Messaging and Alerts for Industrial IoT and Enterprise Applications


Cloud Service for IoT Devices and Business Applications

OLinks premier cloud messaging service is Email to Voice. With Email to Voice, your industrial IoT devices and business applications can make a phone call (Text to Speech) or send a text message (SMS) to any one person or group of people through any email interface. No more need for complicated Application Program interface (API) programming or complex gateways.

Use Email to Voice to communication-enable industrial IoT and business processes throughout your enterprise.

IoT Integration with Blockchain and Tangle

IoT devices are being used for industrial uses such as supply chain, pharmaceuticals and energy. OLinks is investigating Blockchain and Tangle technology platforms as they may apply to large scale industrial IoT communications.

IoT devices require the ability to communicate status regarding their current operability and their requirements for preliminary maintenance. These issues are often overlooked during initial IoT network designs, but are critical for long term use. Operational failures must be either pre-handled or handled immediately.

When IoT devices are used on large scale models over large geographic areas, Blockchain and Tangle may be the best solution for enabling communications from millions of IoT devices with trust, security and scalability.