Social Media has grown up

Social Media is evolving into more than a Marketing department’s lead generation tool. Social Media is becoming a mission critical application within businesses.

In addition to creating new revenue opportunities, a Social Media Program can instill resilience into a business. This is done by providing a means to manage emergencies. These emergencies may be initiated from bad rumers about your company, or by nature, terrorism or other unpredictable events. In any case, valuable Social Interactions with your clients, employees, and the market are critical to having a resilient business.

Social Media can also assist you in maintaining compliance with government regulations within your industry. For example, PS-Prep for business preparedness, to name just one regulation. Then there is also FFIEC, FISMA, and others that your industry may need to address.

To learn more about Social Media and its use in maintaining regulatory compliance and business resilience, contact OLinks Corp.

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