Compliance, Privacy, Productivity: Social Media is a Serious Business

Regulatory Compliance is a priority in Board of Director meetings, even for companies that have not been part of a heavily regulated industry in the past. In addition to Compliance, Executive Directors are addressing privacy issues, and ensuring a workplace that is free of unproductive distractions.

While these challenges are on the forefront, Social Technologies, at the same time, are opening up great opportunities for business growth and resilience. However, Social Technologies project a perceived environment of uncontrolled openness. These two forces can appear to be in opposition of each other. This perceived conflict can often times cause a business to avoid implementing Social Technologies and miss the great value that is available with Social Media.

The Garland Group presented a Webinar on Compliance considerations of Social Media. One of the fundamental messages addressed in that Webinar is that Social Media needs to be respected, but not feared.

Taking full advantage of Social Technologies can be done while meeting the business challenges of today. To ensure your Social Media program is meeting the challenges of Compliance, Privacy, and Productivity, the business must take an enterprise view of the program. When Social Media is implemented with proper planning as a Mission-Critical process, then the business can take full advantage of all that Social Media has to offer.

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