Disaster Preparedness will advance through increased Wireless Access

We know that we cannot predict, nor stop, every human-induced and natural disaster. But what we can do is prepared for them.

Social Media is going to play a key role in contingency planning, for both business and our society. Social Media brings multiple communication channels for collaboration to the implementation of Emergency Management plans.

President Obama is promoting the ability for most, if not all, Americans to have access to fast wireless communications. This will further enable the abilities of Social Media to play a critical role in Emergency Management.

via Obama promotes plans for wireless expansion – Yahoo! News.

Obama’s wireless plan involves nearly doubling the space available on the airwaves for wireless high-speed Internet traffic to keep up with ever-growing demand. This would be accomplished in part by auctioning off space on the radio spectrum to commercial wireless carriers. The White House says this would raise nearly $30 billion over 10 years, and the money could be spent on initiatives that include $10 billion to develop a national broadband network for public safety agencies and $5 billion for infrastructure to help rural areas access high-speed wireless. Additional money could be used to reduce the deficit, the White House says.

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