Social Media and Revolution 2.0

Wael Ghonim has tagged the Egyptian Revolution as Revolution 2.0. He heavily used Social Media channels during the revolution, as did others, to keep information flowing throughout Egypt and the world.

Social Media provided multiple channels of communication. Like the original design of the Internet by DARPA, it cannot be brought down by any ‘single point of failure’.

We need to further investigate and harness the power of Social Media so that it can be used in recovery phases of natural or man-made disasters, pandemics, and other disaster scenarios.

Businesses need to participate in Social Media in a way that involves every aspect of their business. Social Media is effective not only for growth but for resilience. Contact us and let’s discuss how it can help your business, now and into the future.

Googles Wael Ghonim on “Revolution 2.0” – CBS News Video.

2 thoughts on “Social Media and Revolution 2.0

  1. Its funny to see the way the world has evolved. Marketing, sales, customer service, and support have all been pulled into the social media world – some dragging and kicking but pulled in nevertheless. If a customer calls/emails you and they do not get a quick response they take to twitter faster than you can say tweet! And guess what? Many get an answer on twitter much faster than they would using other channels. Social media is indeed here to stay.

    1. Great point Natasha. And I agree that Social Media is here to stay. Because of its multi-channel cloud model, it will be used in more and more ways; business, supply chain, political, emergency response, and more. You can’t stop Social Media.

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