Social Media in Supply Chain and Emergency Management

Social Media is woven into the fabric of our lives.

Just this year, we have seen Social Media play a critical role in our political processes throughout the world. Many attribute the Political advances we have seen in the Middle East to the vast reach and easy access of Social Media.

However, other global uses of Social Networks are being explored. One is Supply Chain Communications. The resilience of Social Networks coupled with their low cost is making Social Communications a serious consideration for Global Supply Chain Management.

We have also seen an increase in Social Media technologies in disaster response. Grass roots efforts brought the value of Social Networks to the attention of world governments. These governments are now, slowly but surely, implementing Social Media at all levels of the Emergency Management process model.

To further the advancement of Social Media, security and reliability need to be addressed. This will require standards adopted at the global level. These standards will allow integration across disparate platforms and across second and third generation communication technologies. With integration will come low cost global communications to even the most remote parts of the world.

Let’s start talking. That will be necessary first, before any integrated communications can ever occur.

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