Interesting Perspective on the Impact of Virtual Reality on Social Media

Published on SCN.COM, What Happens When Social Media Meets Virtual Reality? the impact of Virtual Reality on Social Media is explored.

“Everyone knows about social media/collaboration, however virtual reality (VR) is a newer concept.  It involves the use of eyewear that virtualizes a space around us and augments our actual reality, and can even send us into a completely virtual world of experiences that can envelop our sense of sight, hearing, and touch, and smell.”

“While these two technologies are interesting for consumer use, the impact on society’s bottom line is realized when these technologies are combined and applied for use by businesses to run simpler.  It may sound crazy, but it’s not as crazy at it seems.”

Example presented in the blog post is:

“Using the example of the field technician, when you combine the VR technologies from SAP and Vuzix with the social and collaboration tools, like SAP JAM, technicians will not only be able to perform the work safely and effectively, but they can also share project updates, tips for repairs, and even video or audio instructions for their colleagues through connections to social media and collaboration platforms – directly from the VR glasses.” Read more:

On this blog we often discuss the impact that Social Media is having on the fabric of our society, such as journalism and News 2.0. Virtual Reality and other technologies are accelerating change.

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