As We All Become Points of Contact on the Web

If we will all be points of contact on the Web, will there be a need for any centralized functions, such as banking?

In a post called The Future Web, it states that “according to Kevin Kelly the next 5000 days the internet is destined to evolve into one giant super computer that can store, share, and manipulate all of the world’s information.  All of the devices that we use such as mobile phone and computers are simply points from which we are able to access and interact with this global computer.

Wherever we go on the internet it will know who we are, who our friends are, what our background is, etc. and we won’t have to login to each little part of the web like we do now.  Instead of having a profile on facebook and a separate one on amazon, we can just have one global profile that will follow us everywhere.”

What will this mean for the use of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin? Will it not be logical that we will all have our own digital wallet where we will receive our salary and pay out for our living expenses without the need of a central banking system?

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